What are "SPEC CLASSES"?

Spec. Classes are "Specialty Classes" aka- your traditional dance classes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and Cheer. These classes are paired with a "Core Class" at no extra cost, or you can simply just attend a core class.

What is "CORE Class"? *

Core Class is a class designed to go over dance basics: stretching, technique, tricks, tumbling, strength, conditioning, endurance, facials.... the whole 9 yards of dance. This class can be taken alone or paired with any specialty dance class.

How Do I Know What Class To Take?

Some choose by preference of music and pace: Lyrical for slow, Hip Hop for pop music... Some choose by "youtube": They love certain dancers and styles and pick that particular style of class.... If you don't know what you like yet or what your child will like, TRIAL them ALL for FREE... then pick! Some take one, some take all! It is whatever fits you, your dancer, comfort and family best!

How Do I Sign Up For Dance Classes?

Simply complete our registration form in house (please stop by our studio and complete this form). We have OPEN ENROLLMENT all year long (which means at ANY time you can join our studio!). Call/Text [318.426.9602]  us if you have any questions!

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